Observe, Engage and Act AIOps with vRealize (Part 1)

The Need for Intelligence 

In today’s age of mass digital transformation, it’s not always the strongest, or largest businesses that survive and thrive. It’s often the ones who can adapt the quickest to the change in markets. 

If you were running a bricks-and-mortar only store pre-COVID, when lock-down hit, you needed to either adopt technology very quickly, or risk obsolescence. It didn’t matter if you were large and established or not. Not even your most loyal customers could wait for you, they had to go elsewhere. 

This is happening in every industry and even goes beyond COVID. Agility and speed are imperative in today’s global market. 

Since businesses are so heavily focused on technology and digital transformation, there is a surge in the number of applications being developed every year. This means more data being created than ever, more novel technologies being used, more infrastructure being consumed, and more cloud services leveraged. 

But now, there’s almost too much to handle, way beyond what humans can deal with anyway. This leads to more data retention requirements, because humans can’t work in real time and so we must store data for retrospective analysis when there’s a problem. 

Developers have dramatically increased their output and are often developing new different ways of working, such as the adoption of DevOps methodologies. But even this seemingly positive innovation leads to more code creation, more quickly, producing more and more data. 

This means I.T. Operations MUST move faster too, ensuring they do not become the bottleneck to innovation. 

By moving to an AIOps platform (and leveraging technologies such as vRealize), you can start to apply intelligence to your platforms, aggregate the vast amount of data you have, apply analytics with machine learning to get to the root cause of failure faster, integrate with your existing IT service management processes to ensure you stay in sync with your business and with embedded automation capabilities you can remediate issues quickly. 

These benefits make AIOps an essential consideration for any digital transformation project.