AI/ML Brain Food – Part 1: Where to Start?

Are you ready to start leveraging Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning (AI/ML) in your business? Maybe you want to get ready but aren’t sure where to start?

Whether you are just starting to investigate the potential benefits of AI/ML for your business, or maybe you are already advanced, running deep learning algorithms using neural nets. Either way, I think most of us already agree, AI/ML is the future of technology. We are going through an industry transformation and that future is coming quickly, whether we’re ready or not.

I’m keeping this article at a high level, generic to AI/ML, so it isn’t going to tell you how to train a reinforcement learning model, but the idea is to give some food-for-thought on the challenges and potential pitfalls of running high resource AI/ML type workloads in a business.

Food-for-thought………That’s actually a nice way of describing this article. We often talk about eating “brain food” to help us perform better, but when the brain is actually a neural net performing machine learning tasks, what “brain food” do we provide it to run at its best?